Lighting Control

Light interacts with everything in your home – your furnishings, your décor, your lifestyle, and you. And yet, in most homes lighting is accepted as nothing more than a solution for darkness!

Take Control
An integrated lighting system, along with motorized shades and draperies allows you to personalize your surrounding by controlling the light. Instead of merely turning on or off, lights can work together in any combination, in preset sequences, and on prearranged schedules. For example, you can arrive home from work to find your entire path – from driveway to bedroom – all lit up, you can even have a remote control located in your car to turn on and off selected lights. When you host a party, you can press one button to light the interior and the exterior in the most attractive manner. When you leave for vacation, you can press one button so lights turn on and off and shades close and open, in a pattern that suggests you are still home.

Energy Conservation
Preset scenes that contain dimmed lights will conserve power and save you money. Your bulbs will last longer which means you won't have to change them frequently.

Integrated Design
The same wiring that commands the lights can also command lawn sprinklers, pool heaters, hot tubs, garage door openers, and – yes – your Modern Home Technologies whole-house entertainment system. Imagine, then, that the same button that sets your lighting to "party" mode also cues up the music. This illustrates the beauty of Modern Home Technologies' integrated design approach. Once the basic low-voltage wiring is in place, we can configure your system any way you want, and make changes easily.

Let's Get Started

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