Custom Control

How does Modern Home Technologies design elaborate, home automation and integrated electronic systems that really are easy to use? The answer is simple: We throw away the remote controls. Actually, we replace them with our own, programmed with the features you need. You get plain-English buttons that do exactly what they say. Like, "Start Movie."

Your Very Own Personal Butler
From anywhere in your home you can easily turn on music, lights, heating, air conditioning, alarm features, sprinklers and more all from an intuitive wall-mounted touchscreen panel, a home computer, an iPhone or even a telephone. Had a long day? When you get home wouldn't you like to be able to sit down, press one button and have your television turn on to your favorite channel, the lights dimmed, the temperature adjusted to the way you like it, and the jacuzzi warmed up and ready for you? The possibilities are endless. All of these features, and more, can be tailored to match your lifestyle.

Simplify Your Life
A lot of behind-the-scenes planning and computer programming goes into the preparation of your custom remote controls. Pushing the "Start Movie" button, for instance, actually initiates a string of commands that fire up your home theater components, deploy the screen, dim the lights, and start the movie, saving you valuable time and the aggravation of using eight different remote controls.

Modern Home Technologies can consolidate the operation of all of your systems – entertainment, lighting, climate control, etc. – into "master" touchscreens. We can also provide limited-function touchscreens or keypads that operate only certain portions or features of a system. In any case, what you get is the upper hand on state-of the-art technologies, because we remove all the complications and make your system truly easy to operate.

Let's Get Started

For more information on a Custom-Designed Home Theater for your home, you may use our Information Request Form or call us at 781.728.3353.